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By vaikz ·

My friend just acquire a DSL connection on his internet cafe and he wanted to share this internet connection to the rest of his workstion. I just wanted to know how to setup the network and configure it.

I will give some of the details.

the Cafe was already setup and the network is already running. We were able to share the Dial-up connection using the ICS of microsoft.
Now he just subscribe to a DSL connection with a speed of 384mps, and he wanted to do the same as the dial-up. The isp's gave us a DSL modem/router, "i forgot the brnad name of the DSL modem/Router."

So my question is; how to setup up the connection? And also how i am going to configure the DSL modem/router in order for me to share the connection to the other workstation?

Thanks for your Help.


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by LMon In reply to Networking

If the modem has more than one for ethernet the only thing you have to do is connect the computers to the modem. If it doesnt you will need to get a router. Once you get the router you will connect the computers to one of the ports and connect the modem to inernet or wan connection. Then you will configure the router to connect using PPPoE. Then make the connection with the router. Once that is done then you plug the rest of the computers to the ports if you purchase a router that only has 4 ports but have 6 computers then you buy a switch or hub.

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by vaikz In reply to Networking

so its not possible to connect the DSL modem/router directly to the switch and do the configuration on the router modem using NAT?

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by tommymcbrayer In reply to Networking

Yawn, don't need a 4 port router, and what the last guy is refering to is an all in one router switch and heck throw in a personal firewall as well for 59.00 USD.

1. Buy a cheap netgear or lynksys switch with enough ports for the pc's at the cafe.

2. Plug Pc's into switch.

3. Plug DSL router into switch through the link port.

4. Most likely the DSL router is already setup to issue DHCP addresses but I would check this to make sure.

5. Make sure cafe pc's are setup to receive DHCP.

Happy surfing.


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