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By bmichajluk ·
I am running Windows XP and also have a Macintosh G3 with OS 8.6.
How can I network both machines, so that I can access files on the PC from the Mac and Vice Versa. I already have an Ethernet Card installed in the PC

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by CMHJon In reply to Networking

There are several solutions to try.

You can network the computers by buying a cheap 4 or
5 part 10/100BaseT hub. A cat 5 crossover cable
between the two computers might also work (probably
cheaper than a hub).

Software wise, first check and see if XP has any
inherent ability to connect to a Mac directly.

Second, try a software package such as:
DAVE - Thursby Software
VirtualPC - Connectix Software
PC MACLAN - Miramar Systems

The above three packages can give you the ability to
network everything together and bridge the gap.

Hope this helps!

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by rstack13 In reply to Networking

If I was you I would go buy OSX for the Mac because SMB is included in the Sharing Prefence Panel. Setup a IP number on both, connect with a 5 port hub like stated in the message above, turn on Sharing with SMB on the mac and you should be able to connect both ways. OSX has alot of other features that are worth looking into also. There is a "Classic Environment" (Unix Shell) which you can use most of for software developed before OSX if you have software you need to run that is not OSX native. Check out

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