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    Networking 2 laptops with XP Pro


    by epait ·


    I am trying to figure out how to network 2 laptops with XP Pro. Presently these are in a domian on a Win 2k network. I want to allow these users to be able to network while at a client. (CPA firm)…. I have tried connecting both laptops to a D link 5 port switch off the network. I can see PC A & B under “entire network” but they still show under “wop” my domain. The users login locally as if loggin into the domain. If I try to access B from A or vice a versa…I get a password prompt….I have tried setting each user up on each laptop with admin local rights but still can’t access. I also notice when I click on their C drive I don’t see “sharing as an option” MS client and file sharing are installed on both machines as well as TCP/IP.


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      My guess is that normally you are logging into the domain using domain for authentication. If you want to use local authentication you will need to change to workgroup that is why when you are off the domain you are prompted for a username/password. You might try writing a script in your local group policies to do the drive mapping? run> gpedit.msc

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