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By wayneinreno ·
I need to network from one computer in my home office to another computer in my home office. The system I am using now is the one I "always " use. What I want to do is network from this one because it is newer and faster. I don't know if that makes any difference. When I try to use the wizard, I am getting stuck because of some of the terms. I don't understand how to name a computer. What are they looking for? Can I just put my name there? or maybe the name of my business? Then they want me to give a catagory. I was gonna use Intranet. Can somebody coach me here? I am completely green at this networking stuff.I guess I am gonna be a LAN?? Also,I have a hookup to greatbasin internet service through my phone line. I use a seperate number formy computer.

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book on networking basics

by a.c.simplina In reply to Networking

There is a book on networking basics: Networking for Dummies by Doug Lowe ($19.99). Chapter 21 of this book discusses on how to network your home computers: network settings, sharing of disk drives and printers.

You can name your computers as SERVER01 and SERVER02 or whatever suits you. And the name of the Workgroup can be WORKGROUP.
The workgroup setup or peer-to-peer configuration is most suitable for home office networking.

You can bind the NIC (network adapter card) with the TCP/IPprotocol and configure the TCP/IP properties. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network. With the TCP/IP protocol bound to the NIC card, click on Properties and then click on [Specify and IP Address]. For the IP address, you can put with subnet mask as Repeat this procedure on the other computer with the IP address as and subnet mask

I am assuming that you have Windows 95 or 98 computers and these are connected thru a hub with the patch cables.

Hope this helps.

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Networking without a hub

by cpliam In reply to book on networking basics

Is it possible to network two PC without a hub?that is,having to PC connected by NIC with a twisted cable.
If this is not possible, is there any other solution?

choon Peng

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