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I'm trying to setup my 5 computers to a switch without WiFi or a router.

Just a switch but for some reason I can get into see them one min and then the next I can't see anyone.


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by biytconlinemangat In reply to Networking - using a swit ...

you have to maintain a proper connection of your devices and check all the devices connected properly or not and you can also reintsall the settings.

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by tedbaker1 In reply to Networking - using a swit ...

Which models of computers you have?

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networking through switch

by biytconlinemangat In reply to Networking - using a swit ...

Mostlty all models have similiar settings.

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Networking - using a switch

by minakshisondule In reply to Networking - using a swit ...

From your question over a network i am assuming that all computers have same subnet here. Yes its possible and in fact it is very basic concept of communicatio of systems on network. Why would you need a router here ? You do need router for routing the data packets outside your network (say other interface of the router). While the switch will handle boucing back the data to systems on same interface.

Also note that the routers you have at home (or you see on ebay, amazon etc) are the routers that have in-built switch modules in them. They work both as router and switch.

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Connect computers over a network switch without using a router

by SFCable In reply to Networking - using a swit ...

Yes, sure you can. It will be a switched network (Layer 2) and you can connect PCs/ devices to the switch and manually assign them IP addresses.

But, if you need to connect to another network (may be like Internet) or need communication between two different networks then you will require a router (a Layer 3 device).

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by williammbrown1985 In reply to Networking - using a swit ...

You're likely able to see other computers due to the lingering IP addresses handed by DHCP from your router.

The question is: why no router? Switches usually don't handle IP addresses. You can set IPs manually but it's a variable that will likely just cause you trouble down the road.

I suggest you keep a router just for layer 3 stuff.

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