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By aronsmith ·
What is the difference between cat5 and ca5e Plenum cable

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by bertodal In reply to Networking

Cat5e cable is way faster than cat 5 supporting 1000 Mbps of speed. Data transfer through this cable is speedy and reliable. It's the only difference. On the whole they're almost the same.

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Networking cable

by aronsmith In reply to Difference

The cat5e plenum is an unsmokeable. Cat5e offer the same benefits and same speed of cat6 at the better cost than the cat6.

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cat 5 & cat5e

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Networking

One of the interesting things about Cat5 and Cat5e is that they are virtually identical in their physical appearance. You cannot tell them apart based on thickness, color, or the material used. The only way to identify them is to look at the text that is printed on the cable and see for yourself. With that being said, some manufacturers have gone out of their way to improve the durability of the PVC protective jacket on the Cat5e cables. This makes them better suited for frequent use over a period of several years, if not decades. An alternative and an unneeded way to tell the two apart would be to cut open the cables and inspect the wiring inside. In general, the wires in Cat5e cables are twisted far more tightly than those in the Cat5 cable. This is what allows Cat5e cables to be more resistant to crosstalk, as you will discover in the next section.

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