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I have a windows 2003 server fresh built. My server is behind a local linksys WRT54GS router which is assigned a public ip via my ISP. I have two public IP addresses which I bought from my web hosting provider. I want to use these public IP addresses in my home server. I also have a domain name registered to be used on it. I did try setting up the DNS server but even after two days of trying no reply. Resolving the IP is different issue as it is registered at the domain registrar.

The reason I want to setup a static public IP to my server is because my ISP here assigns me ip via DHCP.

Is what I desire achievable? If so please guide me.


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You need to set up static IP with your ISP

by seanferd In reply to networking

The only external static IP you can use would be on your router. The router assigns IPs to your network. You can make them static in your router, but that has nothing to do with the internet facing router.

If you can't get a static IP from your ISP, try which will map your domain name to your dynamic IP.

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Sound like you need to port map

by shaun.kimura In reply to networking

You need to set a port forwarding rule to your router.

Go to your router config and tell it to forward connections on the port used by your public ip to the internal ip of the server.

So if the port used is 555 and your internal ip is you will need to instruct the router to send connections from the public ip on 555 to

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