By hackertaz2000 ·
we have 2 diffrnt workgroup ,each having their own broadbnd connection.

now were planning to make it as one workgroup, and use both the broadband connection

is it possible? to have 2 internet conn in a workgroup

how can we set ths up?

we have at least 10 pc on the network,5 on
the first group,5 on the 2nd group
1 pc in each group act as server and sharing the internet to the rest of ther respective group.

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You can get a multi home router

by LarryD4 In reply to networking

Usually the easiest method is just purchase a multi-homed router.

If you have the "chops" you can build your own..

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dependes on what you want to do....

by ---TK--- In reply to networking

are you looking for load balancing, fault tolerance, or just two ISP's on the same LAN?

While your thinking about here is a link that discusses it all.... another forum...

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