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Please house, how do i configure a network with one wired LAN in a hall having 20computers.I intend to use a wireless router to re-transmit to other computers in the hall from the wired LAN.Help for a more rofessional approach and how to do the configuration.

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Nothing wrong with that idea, except

by robo_dev In reply to Networking

You will probably want to have more than one wireless network.

20 active PCs is too many for one wireless router or access point. If some PCs are used only rarely, then one connection would be OK.

You would need to have at least one access point to plug into the wireless router, and establish a second wireless network with it.

Alternately, use a wired router and connect two or three access points.

Multiple access points would have to be on separate non-overlapping radio channels, and the network names would have to be unique.

wlan1 ---ssid "apple" channel 1
wlan2 ---ssid "baker" channel 6
wlan3 ---ssid "charlie" channel 11

the above channels apply to 802.11b wlan channels used in America, non-overlapping channels from other technology in other regions of the world may be different

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