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hello guys i have 8 computers connected to each other wirelessly using the linksys wireless G adapters through a linksys router B model as a local network they share files and printers. Now i want to add internet connection to the router but when i add it automatically the 8 computers will go online since they r connected to the router so what i need is to restrict 6 computers from connecting online and let 2 computers only access the internet and still be able to communicate with the other 6 computers wirelessly through the router as a local network

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A couple options

by bdulac In reply to networking

You really have a couple (or more) options on how to set this up.

1. You could assign static IP addresses to the computers you want to restrict and leave the gateway address blank. This way they would never find the Internet. This might cause problems if these are mobile systems.
2. You could configure your router depending on the brand and model to allow/restrict certain systems by IP/hostname or MAC address.

These are just what come to mind and would require some knowledge of networking and IP addressing (especially the router).

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To add to Bdulac's suggestions

by CG IT In reply to A couple options

consumer level routers don't have a way to restrict internet access. By design, the default rule is allow.

So as Bdulac mentioned, leave off the default gateway or better yet, the ISP DNS server addresses.

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