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I tried to add a machine onto my Lan for internet access. I did a self test and it could ping itself, but when I tried to ping other machines on the network it failed. Also I could not ping it from the other pc's. Someone suggested that I re-install the network card. my question is how do i do that if i dont have the driver CD?

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First things first

by w2ktechman In reply to Networking

you say you can ping this system to itself. Is that from the loopback ( or from the IP address for the system?
Is it an autoconfig IP address?
Did you happen to install IPv.6?

What happens when you try ipconfig?
start -- run -- cmd.exe <ENTER>

does the IP address match the range of the other computers? like
what about DNS server, the same as other comps? Remember the last number should be different. If it is the same you have an IP address conflict.
If it is not in the same range, is DHCP setup on your router? If so, is there any available IP addresses to hand out (available)? If not, you are using an autoconfig address.

Do you have a router? If not, unplug your cable/dsl modem, and remove the other system from it. Wait 20 seconds and then plug the modem back in. wait 1 minute, and then on this system, in the command prompt type

Does it work now?

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