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networking a school to a WAN

By transparentheart069 ·
There are 3 schools, Elementary school, a Junior High, and a High school. The Junior High and the high school are connected to WAN but the Elementary school isn't. If i wanted to connect the Elementary school to the WAN, and if i decide to use a private line data network what would i need.

Also how do you use a DHCP for IP addressing, are there certain cables to be used?

Ok, here's another question if the Elemetary school does not have e-mail and Internet capabilites and the Junior High and the High school does since there's fiber line that connects the junior high to the high school. Plus there's a T1 line from the Junior high to the ISP which allows both schools to have email and Internet capabilities. So how would i provide email and Internet capabilities to the elementary school?

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Interesting Project

by ProtiusX In reply to networking a school to a ...

It sounds like you should take a few steps back here and ask some fundamental questions. I approach these tasks with a visual aid of some kind that references all your connections, their link speeds, the clients that will be at each site and this will help you determine your overall system requirements for infrastructure.
WAN connectivity is not necessarily a hopeless thing with Windows 2003 AD replication. It will take more planning and forethought however. One idea for this kind of set up is to create a single domain with a single DC at each school that supports the users at that school. Each user will validate to the local DC with replication occurring over site links. One option to secure this replication traffic is to create perpetual VPN tunnels from one DC to another along with IPSec and pass your Kerberos traffic through the VPN.
There are a lot of qualifying questions that should be asked before undertaking this project. How many seats will this network host? What are the security requirements? Will the schools want to host their own Exchange or POP servers?
If the user base is less than 50 I would recommend that you look at Microsoft?s Small Business Server. It gives huge bang for the buck as it gives you AD, Exchange, SharePoint Portal Services, for up to 75 users. I hope I gave some useful information here.

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another thought...

by MIS_Man In reply to Interesting Project

How close are the buildings, you may be able to create a wireless VPN to the other building. We all know how unsecure wireless is BUT if you are using the most advanced encryption (MD5/SHA-1)coupled with MAC unthentication. This may be an option you may want to consider.

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by nick In reply to another thought...

To compare this to a wire or fifer, would,t wirless be a bit slow?


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No doubt a good work

by nirmal_bhonsle In reply to networking a school to a ...

Well to start of I agree with ProtiusX . Moreover you have not specified the distance between the buildings, we have a similar wan running in one of our airports set up with a fibre optic cable with a min seperation of 300 mts. Please give us more details on the wan alredy setup so we can proceed further in sugesting you.

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