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networking a school to a WAN

By transparentheart069 ·
There are 3 schools, Elementary school, a Junior High, and a High school. The Junior High and the high school are connected to WAN but the Elementary school isn't. If i wanted to connect the Elementary school to the WAN, and if i decide to use a private line data network what would i need.

Also how do you use a DHCP for IP addressing, are there certain cables to be used?

Ok, here's another question if the Elemetary school does not have e-mail and Internet capabilites and the Junior High and the High school does since there's fiber line that connects the junior high to the high school. Plus there's a T1 line from the Junior high to the ISP which allows both schools to have email and Internet capabilities. So how would i provide email and Internet capabilities to the elementary school?

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by apotheon In reply to networking a school to a ...

I'm not sure what you mean by "a private line data network" in this context.

What you need to establish a WAN between the three schools depends on what approach you want to take. It sounds like the high school and junior high school are linked directly to each other by a fiber-optic line. If you want all three on the same network, it's probably a good idea to carry that same approach forward to linking the elementary school in. If that constitutes a too-expensive approach, you might look into the possibility of a line-of-sight wireless WAN link between the elementary school and one or both of the other two.

DHCP is a method of network management dependent upon the routers and other servers you use. It is a "logical" layer concern, not a "physical" layer concern. Aside from having a DHCP server of some sort on a given network, which may or may not double as the router, there is no hardware requirement for DHCP aside from the hardware required for the network as a whole. In other words, no, there are not "certain cables to be used" for DHCP addressing.

If you want Internet connectivity at the elementary school, you need to establish service with an ISP. Depending on the needs of the school, this could be a shared cable broadband or DSL connection, or possibly a redundant broadband connection of that sort (two or more cable connections, two or more DSL connections, or one or more of each) for fault-tolerance and increased bandwidth. I rather suspect that a better bet would be a T1 line, like that used by the junior high school. For this, you need to contact a service provider about having the school set up for the connection.

It's clear from your questions that you're not an "IT professional" in the same sense that some of the rest of us on this site are. You might want to bring in consultants on this issue or, if you're feeling adventurous, sign up on a LUG (Linux User Group) mailing list and see if you can get help there.

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