networking access problem - pls help!!!!

By khristine_16 ·
I have a server running Win2003 server. I'm trying to access its shared
folders from a WinXPPro SP2 computer. The username and password I use to log
into the WinXP computer is the same as a user I set up on the server. Why
does lately it always asks for a username and password when I try to access
the server from the workstation? Before it didn't ask me for a username and password. I have other computers that don't have the
pop-up box come up at all. Any idea why is this happening?

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Are they

by cmiller5400 In reply to networking access problem ...

Just a couple of thoughts...
Are they in 2 different workgroups?
Has the password expired for that account on the server?

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by scott_heath In reply to networking access problem ...

And you are able to log in once you enter the username and password? If not then it is a problem with the server account. if so, then it truly is strange.

Does it ask every time you access the share or just the first time? Can other users log onto this box and access the share without being prompted?

And just out of curiousity, while I know this isn't the solution to your problem, have you considered using Active Directory to make your life a little easier?

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Is the XP machine

by Dumphrey In reply to networking access problem ...

part of the domain? And are you logging into the domain or the local computer? Not to be a smart-butt, but the obvious starting point to me is to double check domain member ship and status, as domaine authentication is tied in with access and autorization.

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part of domain and active directory

by khristine_16 In reply to Is the XP machine

yes we are using active directory. that user is in active directory and it is part of the domain. we are logging in a domain, after logging in we can connect to the shared folder in the server but after a while, when we try to access again that shared folder we are prompt for a username and password. Others has no problem accessing the shared folder on that server.

Any idea why is this happening?

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Event Logs

by scott_heath In reply to part of domain and active ...

Any data in the Security log of either the Server in question, DC, or local computer? Does it happen to any user that logs on to this PC or just one? If it is just one user does the problem follow them from PC to PC?

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Checked the logs

by khristine_16 In reply to Event Logs

I have checked the logs and I found out that there's a DNS error. When I try the command ipconfig/all the DNS is pointing to the IP of our router but when I try the ipconfig/registerdns the DNS IP is now pointing to its correct IP address. The workstation obtains the IP and the DNS IP automatically. How come this is happenning? Kindly help. Thanks

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by scott_heath In reply to Checked the logs

That the router isn't also running a DHCP service on it. Someone may have configured it a long time ago and then no on ever disbaled it when you went to AD.

If that isn't it try releasing the IP, and then rebooting the PC. Se what DNS it gets. When you do ipconfig /all it will show where the IP was obtained from.

It could be this is a one off fluke since no other PCs are having an issue. If you can't get it to repeat then don't worry about it.

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