Networking, ADSL Sharing and Trojan

By shuja52 ·
Our Client have query as follows:
We use ADSL connection between 11 people, each using a
LAN card and cable to the switch, in one building.

The problem I'm always facing is when any of these
connected computers gets infected with a trojan, which
dramatically slows down, not just the infected
computer, but all other connected computers as well.

Does anyone please know how can I protect the network
from such trojans?
All computers have anti viruses installed, ut they do
little to protect against trojan infections. I've
recently got 'Deep Freeze Enterprize' which is
supposed to protect all computers connected in a LAN
network. But I dont know how to set it up for such

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Networking, ADSL Sharing ...

The answer is yes.When the trojan downloads onto one machine,it strangles all the bandwith downloading virus's and invites hackers.It scans the network for vunerable computers and then infects them starting the whole process again.To protect.your computers need to have all the updates including sp2 and a good anti virus.Do not install a third party firewall over the existing windows firewall.The trojans can still get in.I had a bad expierience because of this.I have a smaller wireless network with no worries.That is the cheap way of getting around it.The expensive way is to invest in a unix server.They make great firewall's and are not as vunerable as windows.

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