Networking by Belkin - Help required

By Chr15h ·
I asked Belkin this simple question, but i can't get an English answer. Can anyone help? Below is the question and "answer"

I have two F5D7230UK4 routers - can I connect them together to form a larger network, both wired and wireless? Please advise.

Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical Support.
We understand that you wish to use two routers.
We are sorry to let you know that you can use two routers, One as an router and other as access point to extend the network.
But both cannot be used as the routers. You can use both wired and wireless computers in this.

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Turn off DHCP

by IC-IT In reply to Networking by Belkin - He ...

on the second router. Connect a cable from router 1 LAN port to Router 2 WAN port. Setup Router 2 with a gateway of router 1 address and a IP address of the subnet. Use the correct mask. DNS can be the gateway or the ISPs.

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OK... more help needed..please

by Chr15h In reply to Networking by Belkin - He ...

This is not as simple as it looks...or i am not as clever as i need to be! Just spent 45 mins on to Bewlkin support and they didn't know how to do it. I need some more help with the terminology. Can you help me round the software to do as you suggested? Rgds

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Step by step

by IC-IT In reply to OK... more help needed..p ...

First, since support has fubared the settings press and hold the reset button in for 15 seconds. Release, Wait for the lights to return to steady.
Write down your current settings (on your computer, cmd-ipconfig /all).
IP Address
Subnet Mask
DNS - Primary
DNS - Secondary
Disconnect the lan cable to your computer.
Connect a lan cable to the second Belkins Lan port.
Open a browser type in this address
Login (there should be no password now that you have reset the router).
Go to the WAN setup tab, choose Static.
Enter an IP address consistant with your current network - likely Remeber this address it is your routers new IP (unless reset again).
enter the submask
enter the gateway
enter the DNS & one from the ISPs.
Press the Apply settings button (you will likely be disconnected, enter the new IP address in your browser.
Go to the Lan Tab.
Turn off DHCP.
Give the router the same address that you named it before. i.e.
same mask.
Look near the bottom of the page for domain name. name this the same as your workgroup name (may be optional, but it has been awhile since I set one up).
Lastly set a password on the router, store this with the IP address if you are not concerned with physical access.
Unplug the Lan connection. Connect a cable from a port on Router1 to the WAN port on the newly setup Router2.
Don't forget the cable between one of the routers and your desktop.
All done.

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by Chr15h In reply to Step by step

Thanks again for you support. I entered as the range for the router is set at 2 to 100. is this correct? How do i know what the DNS from the ISP (my 'secondary DNS address' as it is called on the router browser page) is? Also where do i give the router the same address? ( Thanks again!

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Carefully Read

by IC-IT In reply to OK...but

or better, print out the directions I gave you.
You should not use an IP within the DHCP scope of the first router. Those are given out by DHCP, you want a static address.
You can find out your current DNS settings by opening a cmd prompt and typing ipconfig /all.
One change use those addressess (DNS as the primary and secondary (not the gateway address as I previously wrote).
Give it the same address on the LAN TAB.

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