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Networking home laptop to home business Network

By dawnrabbit69 ·

I am trying to use a laptop on home network. The laptop can access
the internet through the wireless router, the hard-wired machines
can access share files on each others machines. But, I can not get
the laptop to access the share folders on the desktop pc's.

Does anyone know how to take care of this? I have chased my tail
trying to figure it out....

I thought if I put the subnet for the pc... then I should be able to
access the folders - Is this correct?

All systems are running Windows XP pro. I can access the internet
with the laptop through the router but I can not access shared files
on the main PC. I have run network wizard countless times... I still
can not get to the shared files. Do I have to put the IP address for
the main PC on the alternate connection list under the IP

Any help would be appreciated,

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Troubleshooting steps

by Churdoo In reply to Networking home laptop to ...

Sounds like you're using a combo all-in-one router/switch/wap.

Is your router handing out DHCP, so your desktops and laptop all gain IP's from the same subnet? I suppose they must be if you're all getting to the internet through the router.

From your laptop, can you PING the IP of one or both of your desktops?
Can you PING by NAME to one or both of your desktops?
I tend to think this may be where the problem is... if you can ping by IP but not by name, then NETBIOS calls are not traversing between the wired and wireless. If this is the case, then a couple of possible solutione: a) find a setting in the wireless/router to allow this, b) edit the hosts file of the laptop to add the name/IP's for the desktop PC's, c) use the IP addresses of the desktops in the UNC paths (for example, if desktop1 is with a share called "shared", then the path \\\shared will access that share on desktop1).

If you get replies to PING by BOTH name and IP, then the problem is likely permissions; are you getting an "Access Denied" message on the laptop when you try to access the shares on the desktops? If so, then the username/password of your laptop needs to be entered onto the desktops as a user (sounds like you're using peer-to-peer so all users have to be created on all computers individually).

Hope this helps, but post back error messages and/or more specifics.

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