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Networking how to?

By cnwilliams2 ·
We have two PC's and my wife just bought another one. Two of them are currently hardwired to a Linksis 4 port router, my son has a playstation 2 wired in also. I'm going to add a new pinter/scanner. How can I hook this all up and and be able to use the printer for all the computers. The two older pcs have xp and windows 2000 operating systems. We get the internet by cable. Thanks Chuck

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by G... In reply to Networking how to?

I'll guess that it's not a networkprinter...
So just install the printer on a computer as normal. This computer will have to be powered on all the time. When done, go to
control pane-->>printer and right click on the printer. Choose the pane on the top marked sharing. In here you choose share this printer and give it a name.
Now you'll have to install the printer on the other PC's. There's many possibilities...
You can add a printer "as usual" and choose a networked printer. Then write the name like \\the_name_of_PC_with_printer\printer_name
or eventually choose the option to search for the printer.
In a explorater window, write \\the_name_of_PC_with_printer and double click on the printer
You will be asked if you're sure and maybe a username/password. This will be username/password from the machine with the printer.

N.B: check the "do it again next time I log onto the computer thing" so it'll be automatic from now on.

Hope it was clear enough and it will help.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Networking how to?

As a bit more info you'll also have to use a CAT5 cable from the last remaining port on the router to the new computer and connect it to the already installed network.

As this isn't the primary computer on the setup all you should need to do is run the Network Setup Wizard and chose to allow File & Printer Sharing. I'm taking it for granted that the new computer has some form of Windows XP on it here.

Then follow the above and you shouldn't have any problems.

If you don't have the current computers sharing files you may need to run the Network Setup Wizard on them as well and enable File & Printer Sharing.


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by jon In reply to Networking how to?

You have many options, some more reliable than others.

The preferred method is to buy a printer that has a network interface, connect the printer directly to the network router, and install the client software on each computer that wants to use it. That way, if the computer that the printer is connected to fails, the printer will still be available to the other system(s).

Another way would be to purchase a print server which is a network device that connects to your router that has multiple connections on it for multiple print or parallel/usb devices. It works much like the previous method.

You could also invest in a Linksys device that contains both a router and print server. The printer would then connect via Parallel or USB directly to the router.

Or, simply install the printer on one of your computers, share it (right click -> share), then connect to the printer from the other machines by browsing My Network Places on the other machines until you find the printer you're looking for. Right click the printer and click connect. You may need to install a specific driver for that printer if it doesn't automatically download the drivers from the workstation that has the shared printer.

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