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    Networking & Internet Connection Sharing


    by jmariscal69 ·

    The scenerio:
    Me and my roommates have 4 computers (1 XP, 2 Me, 1 98SE) and a PS2 and we got cable internet to share with them all. The PS2 can’t have a firewall on its connection, so we bought a 5 port switch.
    The problems:
    1) Occasionally, I am able to see shared files on one of my roommate’s computer(Me), but they can’t see mine(XP). I can’t see anything on my other roommates’ computers at all (Me and 98SE).
    2) Every time a computer is turned on or reboots, our ISP’s error page comes up saying that we have to swich the internet account to that computer and then restart… meanwhile the other computers still have internet until they have to restart or get turned off. I called the company (Insight) and they said they can’t help because they don’t support switches/routers/hubs.
    This is annoying, but it might be the source of the last problem…
    3) The PS2 can’t get a connection to the internet.

    Please help!

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      by mshavrov ·

      In reply to Networking & Internet Connection Sharing

      First easiest and probably cheapest solution is in buying a router. Since you already have 5-ports switch, you may get very simple 2-port “broadband router” for 30-40 USD. Connect it to your “internet modem” (does not matter if it’s DSL or Cable Modem). It will solve all your problems, since from the ISP’s point of view you will have only one device (router), and you will be able to connect as many devices “inside your network” as you want.

      If you need more details- send me e-mail.

      Good luck.

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      Reply To: Networking & Internet Connection Sharing

      by mkelogsdon ·

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      A cheap easy way to share the connection is to put two ethernet cards in one computer(pref xp computer) Connect the cable modem to one and turn on internet connection sharing, then plug the other into the hub. This way you only have to register with insight once.

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      by deadly ernest ·

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      OK Internet fix – do as told in the first answer, get a cable Internet router, preferably one with Network Address Translation and a built in firewall. This will give you security to the whole network and you can set the router up as the gateway, thus it has the ISP connection not any of the PCs.

      Secondly networking the computers. You have to have File and Printer sharing activated on all the machines, a folder on each machine shared, the Workgroup name exactly the same on each machine, and the same IP address range and and exact match on the subnet mask. Then with the XP machine you have to have an account created for each of the other PCs under the PC name or the user’s name and password – account and password MUST match with that on the accessing PC. Some installations of ME require this as well.

      Thus if the Win98 boots straight up with no user name and password you set up an account on the XP under the name of the PC with a blank password, if it boots up to an account called Fred with a password of Blogs then the XP account must be user Fred password Blogs. XP is security conscious it has trouble allowing an authorised user access across the net, only hackers can get an easy entry.

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        Reply To: Networking & Internet Connection Sharing

        by deadly ernest ·

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        Nearly forgot to mention. If you set up a router and use that as the gateway you do NOT have to use the XP Internet Connection Sharing service, ICS is really a simplified Gateway service and moving the gateway off the machine means you dont need it.

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      Reply To: Networking & Internet Connection Sharing

      by eot8857 ·

      In reply to Networking & Internet Connection Sharing

      As with the previous replies, I agree that your best course of action would be to pick up an Internet router, integrated firewall a must.

      Don’t worry about the PS/2 – you will find that almost all firewalls have a DMZ, or unfiltered IP slot available, to which you can set the PS/2.

      You file access woes are probably due to mismatched or conflicting IP addresses, because only one IP address is assigned to a cable modem account. When you start your first computer, it seizes the IP address. Start another one, and you have an IP conflict, which results in communication loss for the subsequent machines, and the error page.

      Again, a router will solve this problem, as they usually have DHCP built into the LAN side (your computers). This assigns unique IP addresses to your computers, preventing conflicts and enables file access. Make sure that your built-in firewall is turned off in XP, and that you have different network names for each machine.

      You can pick up a good router/switch/firewall on eBay for about $50. Avoid 1st-gen Linksys – They work great for applications, but had a known bug that would boot you off games unexpectedly – not good for the PS/2. Their following versions all work fine. I use an SMC Barricade at my home because it also has a print server built in.
      Keep your switch – you can always plug the uplink into the router and provide more ports for the occaisonal LAN party.

      Good Luck –

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      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to Networking & Internet Connection Sharing

      Drop ICS like a hot rock, buy one Linksys BESFR41, it will replace your hub, which you can sell on ebay, Follow the directions for the Linksys and surf on.

      Good Luck Lee

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