Networking Laptop to home network

By dawnrabbit69 ·

I am trying to use a laptop on home network. The laptop can access
the internet through the wireless router, the hard-wired machines
can access share files on each others machines. But, I can not get
the laptop to access the share folders on the desktop pc's.

Does anyone know how to take care of this? I have chased my tail
trying to figure it out....

I thought if I put the subnet for the pc... then I should be able to
access the folders - Is this correct?

Any help would be appreciated,

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If this is a personal NB all you need do is connect

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Networking Laptop to home ...

And run the Network Setup Wizard and configure the Network Setting to whatever you are running at home which will most likely be a Peer to Peer LAN.

If you are trying to access the shares Wireless you may find that you have not setup the WiFi router correctly and have isolated the WiFi Connection from the hard wired connection.

It would also help if you where to mention the OS's that are being used here as different OS's need different ways to setup correctly.


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Home network

by miguela In reply to Networking Laptop to home ...

Try running the network setup and make sure the setting are correct as the others pcs. Make sure you all you PC's are all on the same workgroup.

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Possible Firewall Issue

by robert.leap In reply to Home network

I had this same issue with when trying to connect my laptop to my home network. Discovered I had to adjust my firewall to allow file sharing for the laptop.

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