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Networking Mac-PC

By Dean Olio ·
I have 3 Mac's in an office connected to a NT Server. I have two problems:

1. I don't want these three Macs to see the server or other PC's in the office but I do want them to see each other. Peer to peer is ideal except I want to share a DSL connection through NT. Can I set up a separate work group that will allow this to happen? What are my options?

2. All three Mac's are in a single office, I have a netgear hub here to connect these machines. I recently have had problems with the internet connection, all three machines are set up identicly but two of the three will not connect. At first I thought it was a problem with the hub but I tried different connection arrangements and only one G3 will work. I am using DHCP here, is there another method considering the above that I can try?

I really appreciate any help I can get here. Any comments would be helpful.

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networking PC's & Macs

by rhicks In reply to Networking Mac-PC

I am the IT manager for an advertising agency. We have win 95, 98, nt & 2000. I also have 10 macs ranging from 7500's to G4's to Powerbooks. We use Exchange/Outlook as our email client and I have the macs set up to share on the NT server. We also have a DSL line. All of this is 10x's easier to set up on a mac than the PC. Make sure the appletalk control panel is set to ethernet. Go into the ethernet manually...give your macs static IP's for each (these can be public or private ip addresses).....input your subnet address....input your router address - (gateway)... input your dns numbers - (Name server addr)..... then input your domains. The mac can now share your dsl connection (your dsl address (gateway) should be your gateway address. The macs will be able to see each other as long as you go into the control panels and set up the file sharing. This is done like so. 1). make sure the appletalk control panel is set to ethernet. Go into your file sharing control panel. Give each mac a unique name and password. Click the start button. It will take a couple of seconds to start up file sharing. To check to see if the macs are on the appletalk zone go into your chooser control panel click on the icon that looks like a folder that is held up by a pipe. The macs that you named should appear in here along with any mac compatible printers.

If you have any questions, you can email me at

Good Luck.

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networking PC's & Macs

by Dean Olio In reply to networking PC's & Macs

Thank you for the reply. Sorry it took so long to respond. I appreciate your advice, I will try this immediately. Thanks again, I will keep you posted.

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