Networking our 2 PCs via wirless router

By RobinBarsellotti ·
Have just got our second machine back having been rebuilt after a disk crash. My partner has been using my machine and is filling the hard disk with games (part playes). I was thinking about trying to network them together using our wireles router to move all the games to the other machine. Is this possible, how easy/difficult is it. Would I be better off using the NIC cards and a cable please ??

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Installed games will not transfer to another PC - however ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Networking our 2 PCs via ...

Irrespective of whether you elect to use wired or wireless connection, you CANNOT transfer an installed game from one PC to another. Apart from each game appearing in a Program Files directory, there are a multitude of front end files, common files, apps entries and registry files that you could spend months trying to find.

However, depending on what type of file it is, you'll probably be able to successfully transfer the 'saves' for each game, but only after each respective game had been installed on the other PC first.

It would probably be necessary to then play an initial session of each game and create the first save game - many modern PC games don't have a 'save game directory' until you have created the first save game.

Then you could copy the save games into that directory and continue from where you had left off on the first PC.

Depending on how much data is involved, I would suggest using a crossover/null-modem cable for the transfer - it would certainly be faster (and less hassle) than trying to setup a wireless connection.

*An easier option would be to use a thumb drive. :)

Edited for clarity.

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RE: Is this possible,

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Networking our 2 PCs via ...

Yes it is possible within certain limits. As OM stated above the games will need to be downloaded again onto the other computer.

As for using WiFi yes this is possible if both systems have a WiFi Device int hem but it is slower than a wired connection. The best Data Transfer you can hope to achieve on any WiFi Connection is 54 MBS and the slowest that you will get on a Wired Connection is 100 MBS but more likely 1,000 MBS if the hardware is under 3 years old.

As for how easy it is this depends on what OS is being used and how you end up connecting them but under any reasonably new form of Windows from XP on it's fairly simple though if you have one connected by Wire and one connected by WiFi you will most likely need to enter the Routers Setup Procedure and Bridge the Wired and Wireless Connections so you can communicate between the two computers.

You'll also need to configure a Workgroup or as it is called under 7 a Homegroup. But it's just a matter of running the Network Setup Wizards and entering the same Workgroup Name and enabling File & Printer Sharing and then after the Wizard is finished you'll then need to share what is required on each system. It sounds far harder than it actually is to do and shouldn't be a major problem to do.


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