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    Networking Problem…..


    by don_knl ·

    Hello Friends,

    To Day I faced a Special Problem With My IBM Server(named xpserver) Which Contains Windows XP

    prof Version.I Installed 10 Days Back and it will worked properly.To day morning i saw the

    problem with that.That is I didn’t Connect to another system .

    I am Using a LAN .Workgroup name is pstlknl and 10 system are connected in that Network.To

    day i saw in any system network icon i view all systems with my xpserver also, But when i double

    clicked on it then display “Network path not found”.

    I go to my xpserver and click on mynetworkplaces that shows pstlknl icon and when clicked on

    that it will show the error of

    “pstlknl is not accessible.You might not have permission to use this network resource.Contact

    the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions.The list of servers

    for this workgroup is not currently available.”
    Next i go to ping util to run using ipaddress of each systems then i succesfully pinged.But

    i go to another system which is in the network use to ping xpserver but i got a message to “not

    reached”.I am using net view in xpserver to view another another system then it shows network

    error 5 and another time it will show network error 53. then what can i do for this problem

    please help me.

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      Networking Problem…..

      by raa_mon ·

      In reply to Networking Problem…..

      Check the logging method when you turn on your network; also, you should take a contact with the others (partners on the LAN), to see if they have the same problem. If yes, check urgent the TCP/IP to see if your protocol is running. If you gave permissions to some of your partners, check the shared folders….

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