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By ccarlson ·
I have a wired network with 3 computers. When I added a fourth computer to the network, it created a conflict with my Internet connection. Every morning I would have to reset my DSL modem to access the Internet. After changing the cables,modem, router, I finally isolated the problem to the new computer. My question is how do I add the fourth computer to my network without creating this problem? I am running XP.

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I assume that all 4 computers

by Dumphrey In reply to networking problem

are on the switch built into the router and the router is assigning dhcp/dns?
When you say it was creating a conflict with your Internet, what kind of conflict? Crashing the router? IP conflict?
Try going into control panels on the 4th XP box, then network connections. Right click on local area connection and get properties.
In the "This Connection uses the following items" section, right click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click the properties button. Make sure the "Obtain an Ip address automatically" box is checked.

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by ccarlson In reply to I assume that all 4 compu ...

Thanks for your help. I checked out your suggestions and that wasn't the problem. Somehow either the router or dsl modem is crashing. I have spent about 4-5 hours with the Verizon dsl help desk and then can't figure out the problem.

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When you say crashing

by Dumphrey In reply to Thanks

Do you mean the router locks up, reboots, or something else? And it only happens when 4 computers are connected?
And the 4th computer is on dhcp? And is getting a 192.168.X.X ip address? Is this computer new or old? And its only when THIS computer is attached that the router goes down? Or do all 4 computers have to be attached? (Meaning, if only three computers are attached, and the "problem" computer is one of them, does the router still crash.) Are the computers all on over night? Are they all downloading/uploading over night?
Oh, and is your DSL modem also the same box as your router? An all in one kind o thing? Or do you have a DSL modem and a router (2 separate boxes). Have you updated firmware on all parts involved?
One thing to try is to open perfmon.msc (from run box) and remove the three default test objects, and add in the networking interface objects ?Packets Outbound Errors,? ?Packets Inbound Errors,? and ?Packets per Second? objects. Do this on all 4 computers. This can help you diagnose network hardware. Several errors in a 24 hour period are not to unusual. But if you have many, then you have a bad interface or cable, which could be causing excessive traffic and ddosing your interface.

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Router crashing

by ccarlson In reply to When you say crashing

The problem computer is an old Emachines T1100. The router is a Netgear WGR614 about a year or two old. The DSL modem is brand new from Verizon a Westell Model 6100.

When I add the problem computer to my wired network, eventually, I loose my Internet connection, but not right away. When I simply unplug the problem computer from the network, I have no problems. All four computers are left on overnight so when I would come in in the morning I would not be able to connect to the Internet. It didn't matter whether we left some of the computers online or not. So every morning I have to unplug the modem and router to reset them.

Only when the problem computer is on my network, do I loose my Internet connection.
Interestingly, and I am not sure how I did this, but yesterday I set up the problem computer on its on network and removed it from the exisitng network. I left the cat 5 cable connected to the problem computer and I had no problem with my Internet conection when I came in this morning.

So it seems when the problem computer is added to the existing network, that's when I have the problem. So, I guess the question is how do I add this problem computer to the network without causing a conflict? Or should I simply replace it.

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Well now we know

by Dumphrey In reply to Router crashing

For sure it is that computer, as when you have it in its own network, your internet does not go down, and when in its own network, the problem computer would not of had internet access. I would first try adding a new network card to the e-machines and disabling the built in card, this will test to see if its a bad network card causing a ton of "chatter"/packet storm on the wire and shutting down the switch part of the router. I would also download and run Winsock fix on the problem computer to make sure its TCP/IP stack is healthy.
Rotate the ports computers are plugged into on the switch, so plug a known working computer into the port the problem computer was on, and let it run over night, with out the problem computer connected. This will eliminate bad switch ports. On a managed switch you would be able to log into the interface and check its status for errors almost immediately.
Also, I would do a very thorough virus, spy-ware, Trojan scan on the problem computer to eliminate that possibility. (Use at least 2 local av products, and 1 on-line version. I tend to use AVG and Antivir free versions on the box and the trend Housecall on line, but that?s just me.) A nasty could be hiding in the background trying to use your computer as a web server, and thus crashing your router in a DoS.
If you have no data on that box, reloading the OS and drivers is MUCH faster then a good AV/Trojan/Malware scan and cleaning (one or two hours vs. 5 to . And with a fresh OS install, you know there are no compromised files (no comments, I know this is a loaded statement).
What it all comes down to is that that computer is generating a lot of unusual traffic across the network, and possibly the Internet, and thus causing either your switch ports to shut down, or your router interface to shut down. It?s a shame that netgear does not do vlans, then we could isolate which option =\
My personal feeling is it?s a bad network card.
But I would at least try a "new" (to that box) network card and maybe reloading the os before replacing the computer.

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by Mayhem1969 In reply to networking problem

What make and model router are you using? That may help.

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Router type

by ccarlson In reply to Router?

I am using a Netgear WGR614. I think it is about a year or two old.

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Known problem.

by Mayhem1969 In reply to Router type

Apparently, the dropped connection is a known problem with this router. Probably the result of too much TCP/IP traffic due to the four computers. Three works fine, four doesn't. Make sure you have downloaded the most recent firmware for that router.

You could also have a program on that computer that is hogging the traffic, causing delays and ultimately leading to a dropped connection. Trying running it with limited programs at startup. If it happens while running a particular program that may be the culprit.

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Its kinda scary

by Dumphrey In reply to Known problem.

but I did not even think to look and see if it was a known problem with the router...
I guess cisco has spoiled me....
Lesson learned, cant be complacent.

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by ccarlson In reply to Its kinda scary

Thanks for all your help.

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