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Networking Problems

By Dualinlinememorymodule ·
Hey Im Trying To Network to 9x based systems together no matter which one unless xp

xp is so easy it aint funny to network to each other not only does it pretty much automatically do it but with 9x based systems it much harder

i was wondering if anyone can help me either with a link to a web site or so to help me with networking 98 to 98
98 to me and so forth

Much appreciated cheers

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by Nick1 In reply to Networking Problems
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by sgt_shultz In reply to Networking Problems

this is what you have to have configured right:
same workgroup name on all computers
same subnet mask on computers
valid ip address (might have to assign one to get things working. suggestions below)
same protocol
ms file and print sharing service installed in network
have to configure a share on each computer or you won't be able to see computer on network.
if you can't see a box, try to ping it.
use ip addresses like, increment the last octed (the 200) for each other workstation. first one, second one and so forth. put em all on subnet mask
first thing to do is set up then see who is showing up in network neighborhood. start tshooting by getting ip address info at each machine. getting valid ip address and correct gateway ip address is probably the hard part. anyhow go to each win98 machine and Start/Run/winipcfg <enter>. write down ip address, subnetmask and gateway. if is not getting thru to dhcp server. who is dishing out ip address on your little network? maybe your internet router? set that address as gateway. if you don't know who is dishing out ip address you may have to manually set ip addresses until you figure that part out. if you see use winipcfg to release renew. you will get cannot contact dhcp server error if you need to get gateway ip address entered. if you winipcfg and see some class C address like then computer is going out to your internet provider to get ip address!
anyhow, you get ping working, that proves the ip address and most of tcpip stack ok. if ping works, you have something minor wrong. not same workgroup name or no shares configured. or firewall blocking access

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by debian In reply to Networking Problems

These two links will give you clear installations with screens and possible errors and how to solve those errors.


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by ngk_90210 In reply to Networking Problems

I think if you use DHCP, it should be automatically also. DHCP is the most friendly use in networking even 9x base or nt base.

have a nice try


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by FlemmingInc. In reply to Networking Problems

if you think xp is working perfectly and easily on a local network, think again!
And what a stupid idea to invent an OS that does so many stupid things without asking your permission!

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by ctmoore1998 In reply to Networking Problems

Networking 98 machines is a snap go into network properties and enable file and network sharing reboot the pc and create shares for the printers and / or files and folders you want to share. In a peer network you want all computers in the same workgroup if you want to see them in network neighborhood. Or else put them in your host file to be able to access shares.

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by couldbe187 In reply to Networking Problems

All your pcs have to have unique IP addresses and the same subnet mask. The IP address has to fall in the ranged scope of the subnet. Use the chart below to configure IP, and subnet. Depending on how many PC's you have on the network is your incremental (So if you have 15 pc's your incremental woud be 16 to 32.) Your range would be 17 to 31 (the first vaild ip would be *.*.*.17 because 16 is the network IP and 32 is the defalt gateway)Your subnet mask would be

127 63 31 15 7 3 1 0 Range
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Binary
128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 Incremental
128 192 224 240 248 252 254 255 Subnet

Now if you understand how the chart above works staticly set the IP address between the range and match it up to the subnet mask below.

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