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Networking Problems WinXP to WinXP Home.

By peanut618 ·
I am having problems with my networking. I have 3 PCs, all WinXP Pro. One laptop WinXP Home.
The Laptop can access all pcs. I can view/modify all shared folders/drives on all PCs.. BUT, None of the PCs can access the laptop. It shows in the WorkGroup Computers. But is says "Permission Denied" or Access denied. I have no option to set permissions anywhere. I have looked for them.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. email privately, or here. Thanks in Advance

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Resolution...I hope

by scott In reply to Networking Problems WinXP ...

I could very likely be wrong here but I think you need at least the following:

1. A user account on the laptop with the same name and password used on the other pc's.

2. A shared folder on the laptop. You should be able to right click on a folder that you want to share and go down to sharing and security. Follow the directions and set your share up.


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XP Home not truly network ready.

by deepsand In reply to Networking Problems WinXP ...

This question has been asked any number of times here already. The problem is rooted in the fact that XP Home was not designed to be used on a network.

As it is a request for a solution to a specific question, it properly belongs in the Tech. Question & Answer forum, not here in the Discussions.


1) Search Q&A for posts re. this particular problem; and,
2) If you are unable to find a resolution there, re-post your question there.

As the Q&A forum is more frequented by those seeking ot give tech advice, your chances of finding an answer will be greater if you post there.

Good luck.

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Unsociable XP

by len.prosper In reply to XP Home not truly network ...

I have just been faced with the same problem and believe I have the fix!
Within the registry is an entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa
DWORD KEY "restrictanonymous" = 1

Remove the value "1" and replace it with a "0" and you should now be able to access the laptop!

Hope you haven't waited too long for this fix!

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by peanut618 In reply to Unsociable XP

Thank You so much!

Now.. if I could just find an ACT! 2005 expert!

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antivirus?? firewall??

by dakid In reply to Networking Problems WinXP ...

A friend of mine had the same problem and it happened to be his Norton software. I uninstalled it and it took care of the problem. What antivirus software are you using?
hope this helps

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by peanut618 In reply to antivirus?? firewall??

the pc with WinXP Pro is Norton, the laptop with winxp home is McAfee. I have disabled both. and disabled the firewall on both too. This doesn't seem to help. But, I will uninstall Norton and see if that is the problem. I can always reinstall it.

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Networking Problems WinXP to WinXP Home

by aj_jacobs In reply to Networking Problems WinXP ...

Check your laptop firewall settings. Check the firewall setting in the control panel as well as right click on the active Local Area Connection in the My Network Places properties make sure this firewall is turned off. Located under the Advance tab.

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