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By davidwaynenelson ·
I am networking an office. I have all the computers on the same network but, when I try to explore some or just open one over the network. A needs password box pops up and I was wondering if the computer I was trying to explore needed an account so I created a seperate account. That did not work so I guess it is a prop/permission I need to add or turn off by the way this is XP to XP and not useing any special software.


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Need a domain

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Networking Question

With Xp you can network as peer to peer or as domain. It sound like you have set up a peer to peer network, in such a case every machine needs and account and password for every user that will be accessing the resources on that machines, and the password needs to be the same on each one. This is OK for 2 or 3 computers but not an office full. It is possible to share the reosurces so that no ID or pass word is needed but then any one accessing the network, say from the internet, can also access them.

What you need to do is to set one up as a domain server and have it manage the domain. This will also allow roaming profiles and other goodies. But what happend is the domain server than has control over all the resources on the network and people log on to the domain server and can then access all those resources as per the rules etc set out in the domain server.

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Quick and dirty domain controller seutp?

by PowerIT In reply to Need a domain

Is there an easy way to make a single computer a domain controller. If so, how do you do it and how do you adjust clients on the network to comply with This may be important for me as I might be entering a legacy environment and may have to implement a domain setup.

I'm googling the answer but your thoughts would be appreciated.

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TechNet articles...

by PowerIT In reply to Quick and dirty domain co ...

... have loads of good material on domain controller setup, topology questions and other stuff.

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Setting up a domain

by deus In reply to Quick and dirty domain co ...

hullo powerIT
there are minimum requirements for setting up a domain,

my simplest definition of a domain is a NETWORK with centralised administration sharing a common directory base.
by the definition of a domain, you should have a computer NETWORK, that is why it is not 'that easy' to set up a domain with only a single computer, practically, it is still not possible. You need to have a network available. even though u have two computers, it is just enough to set up your network, in otherwords, the minimum required computers shld be two.

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Should I have to create a domain

by davidwaynenelson In reply to Networking Question

The network will only consist of 3 computers and 1 of the computers was previously networked. So I am keeping the original network shared files because I need to still share them. Usually and I say usually I don't get that pw box while shareing files. Should I just give each computer an IP address and do it that way but, then there is a bigger chance to have problems like not hitting the internet. Basicly I just need to share a software to where the computers can save everything to 1 computer.

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It depends on how you wish to do things

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Should I have to create a ...

Win XP is notorious for peer 2 peer problems, especially if a non XP machines is involved. In essence to be able to use resources on a XP computer you need an ID and login for that computer. If only one computer is providing the resources then you can get by, just create an account for every user on that computer and they should be able to login across the network and access them.

Would then be best to map a drive of the others to that machine and set that as the default storage location.

You can set each machine with its own IP address as either static or DHCP without having trouble with the Internet if you use one of the reserved IP number groups, for hom networks most peole use the 192.168.0.xxxx where xxx is the the machine IP. MS Internet Connection Sharing defaults to the machine with the connection being

The full instruction to do what you want could many take pages in order to cover every contingency, bets to do some detail research first or just hire someone with experience.

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by phibster In reply to Networking Question

you need to have an account with the exact same name and password on each computer and that user needs access to shares (by default everyone is allowed access).

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Do u have a workgroup

by deus In reply to Networking Question

You seem to have a workgroup on your network.
A workgroup will be more tendious to manage, think of setting up a domain for your network. Management is centralised that way.

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