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    Networking recommendation for connecting two locations at the same site


    by cr8z3d ·

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is my situation…we are expanding one of our satellite locations into another building that is at the same site roughly but not next to one another. The current satellite location, call it location A has about 30 PCs and is connected via a Cisco Router and a single T1 to our Cisco core router at our Data Center, call it location B. The new location, C, will be supporting 6 or 7 PCs and won’t be expanding. My goal is to find a low cost and efficient way of connecting that new site to our network.

    The only barrier is that the sites are rural and the best speed i can receive from my ISP is a single T1 connection for the new site.

    My first thought was to add a cisco module to the existing router at location A and purchase a new router for location C and simply link the two and route that traffic to the core. Fairly easy and cheaper than linking C directly to B. Is there maybe an approach that I missing? Maybe a wireless link from C to A perhaps?

    Thanks for the feedback!

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