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Networking SAtelite as Internet source

By otieno.david ·
We have a project in Sudan and i am not a networker. NOW, i wish to know the best way of providing internet services within a university with 8 faculties.
I wish to know the best equipment and plan.
The dish was installed and working but only to one faculty..the others need it. Advice!


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by mshavrov In reply to Networking SAtelite as In ...

First of all, you should split your project to manageable pieces.

You have 8 facilities. What is the distance between facilities? Do you have one "central campus" and "satellite camupses"? What LAN or MAN services available between campuses? Can you get a fiber between and within campses? How much will cost you to get a dedicated lines between facilities? What is a landscape between campuses, is it mountains or flat land? Can you run a wireless links between facilities, etc...

Second half is the Internet connectivity. Check you local providers, who can give an Interent access within the country. What is available and what it costs? Check a global Satellite providers, who transmit signal in Africa? For example, this site has a list of some providers:

If your campuses are geographically separated, and you can not get any land connectivity, then you may install Interent Access in each campus, and run VPN between campuses. But if you can interconnect all your campuses by the land lines (fiber / dedicated lines / wireless/ etc.), then you may get one good VSAT Internet connection in your central location, and let everybody else use it.

Good luck,


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Networking SAtelite as In ...

While I agree with the previous poster here that you'll need to break this project down into smaller blocks you'll also need to provide much more information as well.

How far apart are these 8 Campus?

Are they in Line of Sight or are there things in the road like buildings mountains and the like?

Is it feasible to use a Microwave Linkup between Campuses or would it be better to go with a dedicated Fibre Optic Cable? This all depends on how far apart these intuitions actually are.

The Dish that you mentioned will always give you incoming but very rarely give you outgoing Net Services so how if at all are you providing for outgoing Services?

And much more importantly what Safety Measures are in place to prevent any damage to the Satellite by your transmission site? That is if you are using the Satellite Service for outgoing Services as well. This is highly unlikely because the Satellite owner generally is very cautious about allowing access to their Satellites as they are extremely expensive to put there and impossible to do any service work on once in place so generally speaking they prevent any outside connection to their Satellites that isn't Purely Passive.

If you click on the Add Comment Button and answer the above questions I'll most likely be able to help you out of your current problem, but without knowing the full details it's impossible to answer correctly in any form.


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