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Hello All,

Thx in advance for any help, I am not a network expert and am stumped at this time.

In short my problem is that one pair of servers cannot see the websites hosted on each other although all other computers can see both of them.

I have 3 Servers All Hosting Websites, no domains or anything, all three have static IP addresses

ServerA - Hosted at data center
ServerB - Hosted at same data center consecutive IP addresses
BackupServer - Run from my house

I just replaced ServerA with a new machine.

Before the switch all three servers talked to each other and could see the websites run on any of the servers.

After the switch BackupServer and ServerA cannot see or communicate with each other at all. I.e. BackupServer cannot open the site hosted on ServerA and vice versa.

BackupServer can see ServerB's site and vice versa. ServerB can see ServerA's site and vice versa.

All other machines can see the sites of all three servers so the sites seem to be operating normally.

Can anyone give me any idea of settings, configurations or anything I could possibly look at to explain the lack of connection between ServerA and BackupServer? Any pointers would be very helpful! Thanks much.

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