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Hi all,
I'm after a little help in achieving something.
I have 3 UniFi access points around my house with a Draytek 2926 dual wan router.
I have a virgin media connection which is used for all our computers and the WiFi access points use this too. I then have a BT connection on WAN2 which is used for 2 servers I have.
All works fine.
I want to setup of possible a VPN SSID WiFi network as well so basically I can have 2 WiFi networks. 1 as standard and the other to be used as a VPN.
I have an account with CyberGhost.
I need to know what equipment I would need to be able to achive this and setup maybe 2 VLANS and maybe a secondary router for the VPN?
I'm pretty clued up about stuff like this but I am just thinking of the best options.

Any help on software or hardware would be great.
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Nod to CyberGhost for clues.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Networking setup

I'm reading and to get the VPN on said system you would have this VPN setup on the router and then off to your access points.

As presented I don't see the Draytek being a central piece of gear here. That is, you would get back to CyberGhost to see if they have a solution that would avoid adding another router and more access points.

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