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Recently my work bought 2 Fibre lines from BT, 1 is a internet line and the other is a site to site line which goes to another physical site of ours. As the best "Computer Guy" (I'm a hobbyist at best) i've been tasked with trying to sort a network that shares the internet between both sites but also has separate networks with in it to keep Tills and Card machines separate from other users that will be more general web usage. What i have set up so far looks a little like this:

Site A (which has both internet and site to site Fibre)
BT Fibre Line (internet) -> Cisco Modem -> Router(1) ->BT Fibre Line(Site to Site)

#Router (1) also connects into a Router (2)'s WAN port

Site B(just site to site Fibre)
BT Fibre Line(SitetoSite) -> Router(3) -> Router(4) & Router(5)

#Router(3) has the Fibre line into the WAN port and 4 and 5 have Router 3 connected into their WAN ports

All the Routers have DHCP running each Router has its own range of IP's eg
Router 1 uses etc (Router IP is
Router 2 uses etc (Router IP is

I tried disabling the DHCP services on Router(1) and (3) but then the internet wasn't transferred to the next router along. I struggled to set up a static IP for Router(2) on to Router(1). I obviously couldn't reserve on Router 1 as its not in the DHCP range.

I've tested this set up with out the Fibre connection(I just connected using a normal Ethernet) and it all works each router assigning the correct range when you log on to that router and internet connectivity at every point.

Routers(1&3) are used to split the internet and Routers(2,4&5) provide a network, 1 for site A and 2 separate for site B

My questions are:
Is this the worst way possible to do what I need?
Do fibre networks site to site work just like a super fast Ethernet or is there a certain connection type you should send over them. (I've test the Router(1) -> Router (3) connection and it works)
Do i need to disable the DHCP services on Routers 1 and 3 if so do i need to set up a static internet address for the next routers along to gateway of the Routers(1or3).
What issues am i going to face in terms of traffic sharing, I would ideally like 50% of the internet between each site. Is this setup going to be a big bottle neck?

I'm sorry if this doesn't make much sense

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Check DNS Settings

by swhetsell In reply to Networking - Sharing an i ...

I think the DNS for your second site router would need to look at the modem hosting the internet connection to be able to send internet traffic out.

Your DHCP settings shouldn't be an issue as long as everything is working internally appropriately.

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