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    networking solution


    by chnoman5678 ·

    I have a task, Our Organization have a network if Organization loose the entire network due to critical situation.So IT department want to create network on another location if this situaion occur. IT have a server which have all the backup data.Now what should we do for configuration. Through this configuration some specific users can access the follwing things

    1 Access the mail
    2 access the data
    3 and can print also

    please help as human brother .
    MAy God Bless you,
    Regards to all who help me or not.

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      by chnoman5678 ·

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      Find a site to setup I suppose

      by oh smeg ·

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      Then run a WLAN connection between the 2 sites and install what is required by the request at the second site.

      Depending on why this is wanted the second site could be close by or in a different country. Without knowing more and what is to be backed up and why it’s impossible to suggest much more. The question is just too vague and can be replied to in a endless number of ways.


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        not outside

        by chnoman5678 ·

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        yes OH Smeg Question have so many question, actually want to create network for contigency if exist system shutdown then some users can access the data and mail

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          Well in that case wouldn’t it be simpler

          by oh smeg ·

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          To have a Backup Domain Controller that switches in when the Primary fails? You don’t need to duplicate the entire system just add a BDC to the existing PDC.

          By the way that the original question was asked I thought it was a Off Site Setup to continue working in the event of something like what happened in Burma a few days ago but maybe not as dramatic. Just allowing the staff to continue to work with a hardware failure is the territory of BDC’s.


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      Something to consider

      by the scummy one ·

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      use wireless cards through a carrier. Setup a backup network at a different location, and have the carrier setup to this network. If the main network goes down, the wireless network should remain intact.
      You can also run fiber from the 2nd location to the first, and switch it if the main network goes down, and run right from the emergency network.

      An alternative, might also be to add more lines for redundancy, decreasing the chance that the network will go down in the first place.

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