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By jailio ·
which is the best networking software to discover problems in a lan.

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by ND_IT In reply to networking tools

How much are are you willing to spend. You can find relatively good freebe's online and the price goes up for more sophisticated software.

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of course that it depends, ,but

by jailio In reply to Depends

My question is because is you recap emails about this topic, you will see that techrepublic some times recomend one title and they give some reasons to support their suggestion and then they use the same reasons to back up other software.

Then which one is the best software, talking about cost, features, easy to use, etc

I know that it depens but i want to know reasons because you think that one title is better than others

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What problems are you trying....

by LordInfidel In reply to of course that it depends ...

To diagnose.

Each piece of software does something different.

There is hardware monitoring software, AD montioring, Network Traffic/IDS.

The list goes on. I think you need to narrow down the area that you want to concentrate on and then use the best tool.

Like I would not use HP's OpenView to monitor traffic between 2 machines. I would use etheral or some other sniffer. And vice versa, I would not use etheral to monitor disk activity on my server farm. (not like it's possible to do so anyway's, I'm just making a point)

Define the problem, and use the tool for that problem.

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