Networking Two Laptops Using Wireless

By mikelaw ·
I am refering to this article Everything is fine up until the sharing connection section the Host computer isn't issuing an IP via DHCP. I get the usual address when no IP address is being issued. I have tried using static IP's but I am still getting no internet connection.

Any ideas?

By the way I am just trying to share one internet connection (which is not a wireless router obviously) between 2 laptops which both have wireless. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.


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by mikelaw In reply to Networking Two Laptops Us ...

I would also like to know if both laptops need to be on the same workgroup? Is it possible to have the host laptop the member of a domain and the connecting laptop the member of a workgroup on an ad hoc network?

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Re: Networking Two Laptops Using Wireless

What you are getting (I:E; is Not your "ip" Address of your router, it is an internal "IP" Address of the router of which you will have to change. To change it go into the "router settings" and make sure "DHCP" is enabled, then in your router settings, there should be something like "admin setting" in this section you should find a link that says "reboot" click on this and if asked "Yes/no" click yes. While your router is rebooting log OFF and reboot your computer, this should get you logged on to the internet with your own IP address. If it does write all the info you can find (you will find everything you need to know of your "ip address/dns/subnet mask") in the "Diagnostic" section of your router browser. To log on to your router browser you should have a private "IP" address that came with your router (I:E: 192.255.497).
If you are still having problems please repost.

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by 1bn0 In reply to Networking Two Laptops Us ...


When you set up ICS you must specify the correct network connection you want to share. ICS should then configure the other adapter with DHCP etc. A note in one of the articles mentions checking to make sure you don't have the local adpater, in your case the wireless adpater, firewalled. this would block other machines from connecting to your host computer.

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try using ccproxy

by mausu In reply to Networking Two Laptops Us ...
don't forget to use proxy on internet explorer on the client pc

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