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networking two pcs

By brucer ·
I am using two pcs running Win 2k professional and cannot get them to talk to each other. I am using a crossover cable and both network adapters work of the pcs can see the network and look at its own drives but not connect to the other...the other just won't connect to the network at all. Both are running Zone Alarm firewall. All settings seems ok. What now?

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by CG IT In reply to networking two pcs

insufficent data, please try again.

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by brucer In reply to

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by nla467 In reply to networking two pcs

You can do this by either using a serial or a parallel cable. Configure your setting, go to the Network and Dial-up connection|Make New Connection|Select Connect Directly to another computer and specify either host or guest. The wizard should walk you through the process.

Hope this helps....:0)

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by vincent_angeles80 In reply to networking two pcs

enable file and print sharing on both pcs.
make sure that they have the same workgroup name.

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by tlath1972 In reply to networking two pcs

check to see that they are on the same subnet and then check to see if they are in the same workgroup. Then after that make sure that you have file and print sharing set up on both of the compters. After that share a file on each computer and see if you can see it. Then try to ping the other computer and if that doesn't work try turning off the zone alarm to see if there is a problem there.

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by theohkm In reply to networking two pcs

It is a usual phenomenon that occurs between two windows2k computer.

To check if both computer talks to each other:
1. ping [another computer's ip address]
This ensure both computer are talking tcp/ip.
2. try to type \\[anothercomputer]\c$ in explorer address bar.
You will be prompted for username and password. Enter administrator username and password in this case.

Things to check if 1. does not work:
1. The TCP/IP protocol installed or not
2. Subnet of both machine should be the same
3. Firewall settings allow restriction free communications at same subnet.

Things to check if 2. does not work:
1. Make sure the workgroup of both computers are the same
2. Enable file sharing on both computer

Hope these help.

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by briantruitt In reply to networking two pcs

Disable the firewall and see if they talk to one another. From there you can figure out what settings on the firewall need to get changed if any. If it's not the firewall (i.e. you shut down Zone Alarm and still can't talk) then it should be ip addresses, subnet masks, or workgroup settings that are incorrect. Check to make sure you have link lights on your nics just in case your crossover cable really isn't a crossover cable.

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