Networking two pcs

By SamirBeMad ·
Hey all,

My friend recently got a cable/dsl connection and he was trying to network two pcs...
I'm not asking how to connect two pcs using a crossover cable, rather my question is it possible that when two pcs are connected using a crossover cable and the "server" pc is turned off to use the net with the other pc? Btw, he is using pci ethernet/lan cards not inbuilt ones, if that makes a difference

I ask this because the guy who installed the cable for my friend seemed to imply this was possible...So my question is whether this is possible and if so how?

I must confess, I have no idea...


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Networking two pcs

by dieseldog34 In reply to Networking two pcs

The PC the cable modem is connected to must stay on for the other to access the internet.
If you get a cable/dsl router this would take care of that issue. Plus the router would have a built in firewall. That is your best bet.

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by david.wallis In reply to Networking two pcs

buy a switch only costs a few $s :)

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Thanks guys...but not really what i was looking for...

by SamirBeMad In reply to Networking two pcs

I already have a

but i was wondering if it was possible to "see original question"

Anyways, I understand you guys were trying to help, so thanks anyway...

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