Networking using a cat5 Lan coupler

By agrawalatul ·
I want to share broadband on two different machines at my home.
For that I am using 'cat5 coupler' to divide the cable from modem to two different computer. One of the cable from coupler is 30 meters long and other is 15 meter long.
Using only one cable with coupler works fine but as I insert second cable connector to the female port of coupler, ethernet light on modem gets off.
Please let me know, where I am wrong.

Thanks in advance.


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Need a Switch, Hub or Router

by TheChas In reply to Networking using a cat5 L ...

Ethernet signals unlike your phone line cannot just have the cables coupled together to share a connection.

Without going into the technical details, what you need is a Router, Switch or Hub between your broadband modem and your computers.

You need to run a dedicated line from each device to the switch or hub.


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I will add

by The Scummy One In reply to Need a Switch, Hub or Rou ...

The best choice is a router of the 3. This is due to many models of cable/dsl modems locking on to the first MAC address it finds, and not letting other traffic through.

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by agrawalatul In reply to Need a Switch, Hub or Rou ...

Thanks for your valuable comments


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