Networking VPN's

By chris.keener ·
I need some help networking around a custom application that must be on the same VPN network (192.168.x.x but is routed between two serial interfaces. On the ethernet side of each router, are the same VPN's. I've tried irb (integrated routing and bridging) and transparent bridging to no avail. It seems that NAT and this remote desktop software are incompatible.

Modifying/fixing the software is not an option. The distance between the routers isn't that far, but for encryption purposes, the link must be a serial link. The switches are 3550's but I can swap out to 3560's if need be. The routers are 2621's connected via NM-4A/S ports.

I know that what I'm asking for is contrary to the purpose of routing, but security has my hands tied. Is there any options out there?

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By default, NAT and IPSEC are not compatible

by robo_dev In reply to Networking VPN's

you need to run GRE (a.k.a. VPN passthru) on the router. IPSEC, for most authentication types, gets confused if you try NATting the connection.

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