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networking win98 and xp

By konyemachi ·
this has given me sleepless night, i have 4 system, 2 is using win98 as its os while the other two is using winxp sp2. Now i networked all the fist day ping all saw each other in the network, All file, pinters well shared, i went home happy came the next day to the office the syatems usin xp can say each other while the 98 systems can see each other. please help me

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by adembo In reply to networking win98 and xp

You would need to have File and Print Sharing in the exceptions list of the XP SP2 firewall if you want them to be able to ping each other.

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by TheWizardKs In reply to networking win98 and xp

Win98 vs. WinXP networking...

They don't like each other, simply put. I have for years, set up 98 peer to peer with zero problems. Then along comes XP with it's 'improved' networking, and while the domain is easier to setup with XP, to actually get the file sharing to work is a nightmare. Generally I receive an error to the effect that 'there is not enough buffer space for this command' or 'the network share name is not on the network' (not quoted exactly, but the meaning is implied) and an OK box to click. If you retry enough times, 2 to 20 it will finally open. I've asked Microsoft engineers why and never has there been an answer to date.
This is not to mention the fact that with 98 you could set up a share with a password, and with XP you can not (peer to peer). I would like to believe that I am wrong on this, and if so, please post on how :)

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