Networking Windows 2000 in a DSL bridged mode environment

By veloso ·
I have four computers; two with XP, one W2003 Server, and one W2K Server. IPs are assigned in all four PCs. The network has a DSL modem and Linksys wireless G router with four ports. When the DSL modem is set to bridged mode, plugging in the W2K PC to the network, it hoses the internet service down within 5-10 minutes tops, although the LAN side continues to work because I can see all PCs and shares. When the DSL modem is put back to routing mode, internet and LAN work perfectly. Is there something in W2K or W2003 I'm missing? Previously, before the equipment change (older 645 series DSL modem and wireless B router to Embarq 660 and wireless G router) there were two XPs and two W2K server PCs running in bridged mode with no problems. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

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by pl-cw In reply to Networking Windows 2000 i ...

the message is old. You are not doing anything wrong, w2k was invented for network. Its designed for network reason. It will suck all dsl connection cause of it. dsl only brings u up to 7megs download max (give or take). w2ks protol, reg sys, etc. is to max out network. that is the reason why...

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