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Networking Windows XP

By Shanghai Sam ·
Hello, I have 2 computers runing Win Xp, one is a celeron 1.0 gig, and an Athlon 700, I have connected them both to a small hub,this is the first time I implement a NT runing win xp.
Because both computers are connected to the hub, it is a peer-to-peer NT correct? I have specify a workgroup call MDL3 on each computer, now from my network places if i click on veiw workgroup computers I'm supossed to see MDL1 and MDL2 (workstations)under workgroup MDL3 m' I correct?
now on my network places onMDL1 (workstation), I can only see MDL1 under MDL3 (worgroup),MDL2 is not showing.
Ok on MDL2 (workstation)I can only see MDL2 under MDL3 (workgroup)m I not supossed to see both workstations under workgoup MDL3 from both workstations???
I sharing entire HDD on both workstations, I'm implementing the netbui compatible protocol that comes with XP,I wont need it but tcp/ip is there, so is client for MS networks,file and priters shring for MS networks,NWLink NetBIOS.
Is there a sequence to follow when turning computers on or off?
one more thing, I'm not being prompted for password when I restart the pc,m I not supossed to be promted to log into the NT?
Can someone help me figure it out, I got lost i dont know what else to do!!
perhaps a step by step instruction from the begining will help me see where I went wrong!
Thanks guys again!

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Networking Windows XP

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Networking Windows XP

A couple of points.

1) You will NOT always see every other computer when browsing the network. This is a fact of life when not using WINS. The simplest thing I do is to 'Map a network drive'. You can 'Search' for the other computer using the feature on the Start menu. This should display the other computer and you can double-click on the name to see the shares available. If you right-click on the share, you can choose to map a network drive to it and reconnect at login. As far as the startuporder goes, the first system on will display a reconnection message saying that it can't reconnect to a drive on the other system. This is correct. Just answer that you want to reconnect at next logon. Now login the other system. Its shares will connect correctly. If you now go to the 1st system starting up and use 'My Computer' you will see an 'X' on the network drive. If you double-click it, the directory will display and the 'X' will disappear.

2) You should only require the TCP/IP protocol to do all of the things that you want - especially if you map your drives using the procedure shown above, so you can remove all of the others unless they are expressly required.

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