Networking wired and wireless computers

By craig.owens3 ·
I have a laptop connected to a dlink router that works absolutely fine. i also have a desktop connected to the same router by wire, also works fine. both on windows xp

i want to know how to connect the 2 computers together so i can share files between them. the windows xp wizards dont seem to cover this case.

I have a usb dongle for the desktop but am having a horrible time installing so would prefer to do it wired/wireless


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The Skinny

by rkuhn In reply to Networking wired and wire ...
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Easiest thing to do

by jmgarvin In reply to Networking wired and wire ...

1) make sure they are on the same network. eg they should both be and (or whatever your IP scheme is)

2) See if you can ping each machine. Click Start -> Run... then type cmd. This will bring you to a try to ping the IP of the other machine by typing
ping 192.168.1.bla

3) Ok, so now to add the machine share
Start -> Search -> Computer -> IP Address

You'll see the computer and all the shares on the computer, just map it as a network drive and you're good (to map a network drive in Windows Explorer click Tools -> Map Network Drive and then give it a letter and the path like: //

Does that help?

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great so far :-)

by craig.owens3 In reply to Easiest thing to do

thanks for the response. i have managed to find the comouters in the search but when i try to double click on the icon it asks for password, i dont remember ever setting a password.

Also, on the laptop it says indows has disabled file sharing. how do i get that back?


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by craig.owens3 In reply to great so far :-)

never mind, me just being stupid.

network now working! yay!!

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go here read this step by step by MS

by CG IT In reply to Networking wired and wire ...

these instructions apply to XP Pro as well. Generic all around creating a workgroup and sharing files.

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simple file sharing

by renegade462 In reply to Networking wired and wire ...

Buy a 4 port switch and that will take care of your problem.

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