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By carpenoctu ·
I have a Vista machine and despite the huge amount of ram it requires and the fact that it keeps rearranging the files within all my folders, I like it. One other unfortunate problem I have with it, though is the fact that it really doesn't seem to like XP Pro much. I dropped my fiance's laptop the other day and the display is fried and her dvd burner is no longer working. We don't have enough money to get her a new display or a new laptop so the only option is to place all her data on my pc. We only have a small amount of time to do this as her display is more blacked out every day and we need to do it while I can still see the screen.

I tried to network the two together but as I said... Vista doesn't seem to like XP Pro much. To prepare for this transfer, I installed VMware on my Vista machine and installed XP on it so we could place all of her stuff there. But with the network between Vista and XP giving me such a problem, I thought I might be able to run the network between the virtual machine and her laptop, thus cutting Vista out of it. I need to know if this is possible and if so, how I would go about doing it.


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USB HDD adaptor, or

by Churdoo In reply to Networking with VMware...

You're logic of creating a VM seems OK, but I guess it depends on the end result you're looking for.

You can simply copy her data to your computer by way of an inexpensive laptop hard drive -> USB adaptor ($25-$40 I think); remove her hard drive, plug into the adaptor, plug the adaptor into your USB port, and viola; her hard drive is seen by and accessible by your Vista.

If you really want her to have her own XP VM on your machine, sounds like a good idea. If you can get your hands on VMware converter, you may be able to use that to P2V her laptop to your Vista machine

Thirdly, you can potentially extend the useful life of her lappy by hooking an external monitor to its external VGA connector if it has one, either for her to use, or to extend the time for you to figure out the permanent solution.

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by carpenoctu In reply to USB HDD adaptor, or

I appreciate the help. I don't have the money at the moment to buy anything new, but I may be able to borrow something, and I think I have a working monitor laying around here that still works... I didn't even think of doing that! lol

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