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Networking XP laptop and Win2K PC

By dwaind ·
I can't connect to my PC running Win2K with my
laptop that's running XP. I'm using a wireless
connection, connecting through a Linksys router
from my laptop. I have internet access and can
find and see the PC, but when I connect to it, I
get a login screen, but it won't accept any usernames
and passwords that I have setup on the PC. I can
connect to the laptop from the PC and access the
folders and files I have setup to share.
I've ran out of settings to look at, does anyone
have a specific idea of what the problem could be?

Thanks, Dwain

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by jschein In reply to Networking XP laptop and ...

whatever username / pass you are using on the laptop, create same user / pass on pc. After that, add that username to the share folder on the pc.

good luck.

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by jschein In reply to

Do above, then share printer, but only share the printer as hp1100, printer, or whatever decriptive name without spaces.

Not sure if you are sharing the printer on the 2k machine or XP machine, whichever, you may need to install the driver and then goto the printer properties and add a new port...

For example, if the printer (hp1100) is shared on the XP machine (computer1), you would goto add ports on the property page for that printer on the 2000 machine and add local port. the name of the local port would be \\mchinename\printername (\\computer1\hp1100)

It will connect and work fine.

Good luck

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by dwaind In reply to Networking XP laptop and ...

My main goal is to be able to share the printer
that is hooked up to the PC. Is there a specific
folder that's needs to be shared? I had the users
folder under docs & settings shared, but did not setup
the XP username in the sharing / security settings
I can retry that one.


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by chris.rodgers In reply to Networking XP laptop and ...

Also check to make sure that they are on the same workgroup/domain. Also check to see if you can access the computer by doing a Start -> Run-> \\IPADDRESS ex(\\ where the IP address is the machine you want to access. This should give you some more info whether it's a communication problem or a configuration problem. Also I'd make sure that both are running DHCP (If you're running it on your linksys) and that both machines are on the same subnet.

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by dwaind In reply to

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by dwaind In reply to Networking XP laptop and ...

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