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Networking XP Pro with Win98 Se

By rgrowcock ·
I am having troubles trying to setup a home network using XP Pro on 1 box and 98SE on 2 others. The 98 boxes are wireless and one is a laptop. The XP Pro is now FAT32 as is the other boxes, at first my XP box was NTFS and I know that was the original problem. Reformatted the XP and reinstalled last week using FAT32.

I have run the XP Networking Wizard several times with no results. The main problem that I am having is that either the XP box doesn't show up in Network Neighborhood, or it does and doesn't allow access. I have created an account on all machines with matching usernames and passwords. I can see the other machines from the XP box though.

All I really want to be able to do is print to my good printer attached to the XP box from the laptop. So far, I have not been able to do this. I am really at a loss as to why this is not working.

ANY thoughts?

Thanks! Roger

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by vanster169 In reply to Networking XP Pro with Wi ...

In XP, Microsoft changed the defaults for file and printer sharing, so you have to make sure you go and explicitly create shares for everything on the XP you wish the laptops to see, and for everything on the laptops you wish the XP box to see. Also remember XP is based on Windows 2000/NT, so you must approach networking from that perspective, not from a Windows98 perspective.

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by rgrowcock In reply to

I had already checked that one, thanks anyhow.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Networking XP Pro with Wi ...

From this I gather that you can see the other boxes from the XP but not the XP from the other boxes. You can check the connectivity by pinging the boxes. If you know this ignore it.

Open a DOS command prompt on the XP box and type in (using the actual IP address of the other box where I write x.x.x.x)

ping x.x.x.x 'enter'

This should give a reply with access time, then repeat for the other box.

NB: If this shows an actual response time then the network connectivity is good. This proves that the IP address, Workgroup and subnet mask are all good.

If you have one working as a DNS server repeat using the machine names instead of the IP address.

See NB above.

This then isolates the problem to the XP box. Check that you have allowed 'File and Printer Sharing' for your Local Area Connection, that you have a folder shared, then check your settings for the Internet Connection Firewall. the default settings for the firewall will block the incoming connection requests from the other PCs.

If these are all correct check your services that a service called SAP Agent (Service Advertising Protocol) is activated.

The above covers 98% of XP connectivity failures

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to

Almost forgot you will need a user account on your XP box with the name of the machine or the user logged into the other PCs and the name and password must match exactly. This is to allow them to have secure access to your XP PC.

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by rgrowcock In reply to

It was a combination of problems, first, SAP was not installed. Installed that and still wouldn't show up in NN. Got to looking at other programs installed, specifically Norton's Internet Securities. BINGO!

By default, Norton's does not allow file transfer. Did a little more digging, and the Firewall included with Internet Securities was blocking EVERYTHING. Duh!

I am giving you all of the points, as I was slack on closing the question on Monday. Sorry to the 2 new answers. I will check them out though. Roger

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by rgrowcock In reply to Networking XP Pro with Wi ...

I can ping with no problems. I an access each of the Win98 boxes from eachother, just not the XP one.

I also can't see the XP from the 2 other boxes. Actually, from the XP box, I can't even access the Workgroup (pinkhouses). I get access denied.

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by 1Tinker In reply to Networking XP Pro with Wi ...

Check that site out it will help you get things going........

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by rgrowcock In reply to
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by jaboy78 In reply to Networking XP Pro with Wi ...

check ur Win98se PC..try to log off and log in as user (administrator) without any password

And ur WinXP, log in as (administrator) too without password...

It will works on sharing files and printer.

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by rgrowcock In reply to

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