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Networking XP & Win98SE

By eagl1 ·
Hello all;
I'm trying to understand why networking XP & Win98SE aren't working together. What I mean is this: when I'm playing a pc game through my HHD and CD-rom on the Host computer(XP)& my friend comes over to use the internet on the other pc with Win98SE, when she tries to connect to the net it stops my game and I'm now on the desktop with the dial-up dialog box. Once she's connected I can resume playing but everytime she gets disconnected or gets boot off the internet game she's playing it interupts my game everytime. Am I wrong in believing that I should be able to work or play on the Host pc without interference from the other pc? If not, then what's the point of networking? I realize the Host has to be on at all times in order forthe other pc to connect. If you need more info please let me know.

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Networking XP & Win98SE

by TimTheToolMan In reply to Networking XP & Win98SE


Unfortunately I dont have a dial up connection to look at the properties specifically anymore, but there is certainly an option off the properties sheet that allows dial up connection automatically without confirmation.

Maybe someone else will post here with the exact check box to be checked!

If you look, you should spot it, though. I cant remember whether its a property of the dial up adaptor, in the network settings - or a property of the modem itself. But it will be one of thosetwo...

One thing to note, though. If you enable dial on demand like this, then thats exactly what it'll do and if you ever leave the machines turned on and the Win98 machine wants the net for some reason (and it CAN happen when you least expect it!), then you WILL be automatically connected.

And worse, if for some reason your ISP is down, your PC will repeatedly dial trying to get that connection and will rack up a huge phone bill if left long enough.


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