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    Network&ModemNot accessable 2reconfigure


    by familylearning ·

    Win2000Svr used to work as PDC/ file server/ crystal reports server.

    Now sys info reports no network connections.

    Network clients report no domain controller to validate logon. Ping reports back nothing.

    Modem reports can’t connect (asks – Is it installed) Modem used to operate on com4 which can’t be configured thru control panel or device manager.

    What means are avail to restore connections / communication thru other means?

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      Reply To: Network&ModemNot accessable 2reconfigure

      by johnm ·

      In reply to Network&ModemNot accessable 2reconfigure

      You didn’t provide any details of what you have tried so far. For a problem like this, my first response is to power down completely for at least ten seconds (not just restart) and then turn it back on and watch for error messages on bootup. Usually, reloading from a cold start will reinitialize all of the I/O ports and things will start working again. If not, then there may be hardware I/O problems to troubleshoot. With two different I/O modes going out at once, I’d suspect reinitialization might do the trick. Have you noticed any power glitches lately? They can scramble the settings maintained in memory.

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