Networks and the Internet

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I recently installed two PV inverters that communicate with the manufacturers server in the cloud (I guess), to provide monitoring of outputs etc. They have to access my router by WiFi to do this. When I check, they have an address ( and, outside my standard IP address (, and they use a gateway address ( and that are not my gateway address ( They are set on DHCP.
How does this work?
If I try to put my gateway and a static address within my home network range (but outside my network DHCP allocation), it seems to upset communications. Why is it so??
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Not sure but they probably need that Address Range

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Networks and the Internet

To communicate properly with the Makers Web Site.

The thing is if it works and the address do not clash with your other systems in use forget about it.

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Networks and the Internet

by jonesst430 In reply to Networks and the Internet

I almost have the same issue. I would like to get some more details and fix the problem. Thanks!

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