Is there a way you could modify the addressing properties of the workstations at each small office remotely, without having to visit those offices? Why or why not?

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by robo_dev In reply to networks

Assuming that the office devices use DHCP, you just change the scope of IP addresses handed out by the DHCP server and have everybody reboot. The tricky part are those devices that use a static IP address, such as network attached could log in and change those remotely, but most likely someone at the site would need to reboot the device.

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This is why hackers invinted Trojan Horses

by eclark461 In reply to networks

Well, trojan horses can be useful in manipulating certain data without even allowing the user to notice anything,

you can also upload a batch file script and have it run once in the HKEY/Local_Machine reg and flag it for when it should run.

That may be the OLD way, however if you are trying to manage a multitude of machines, then of course this method may be able to do be the best one.

Sometimes I have used stuff like NetBus (the professional versions) and some other utilities that are really just simple trojans that allow this type of capability.

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